Monday, June 19, 2017

KGB Whistle-Blower In 1982 Explains How The US Will Be Subverted And Taken Over From Within

One analyst pointed out that the thing that causes people to not be protected is ethical laziness.  This is why spies and government employees wind up having to sympathy for the people they are dealing with.  What Bezmenov explains is that subversion not only provokes ethical laziness but makes people comfortable in displaying their corruption in being most interested in satisfying their own flesh while showing disregard for other and no interest in curbing their appetites in order to not offend others.  In this way their corrupted state is visible and no one wants to be bothered, or put themselves in harms way by defending a corrupted/ethically lazy person. Plus those wanting to gain power over others have no shame in trampling the corrupt/ethically lazy underfoot.
There is more info Bezmenov did not cover in the videos. Be sure to read the essays by Yuri Bezmenov of which most are posted at Useless Dissident.

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